arduino masterpieces

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

One problem I faced when starting to tinker with my Arduino was just how was I going to go about drawing circuit diagrams for my creations. There seemed to be a huge choice of packages out there that allow you to draw a schematic diagram, some free, some paid, all wouldinevitablycome with some kind of learning curve. All I really wanted was a solution to draw my circuit diagrams so I

arduino masterpieces
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or others could rebuild them. I decided the best way to work out which tool to use would be to test a few out with a simple circuit diagram and see how I got on. The circuit diagram in question I would try to replicate in a sensible way is as below, this is made with Fritzing without spending any time at all reading the instructions, says a lot of (good) things about an application if you can just download it, fire it up and almost instantly achieve what you want to do with it. I`ll cover how I made this, and what else you can do with Fritzing in another post soon. You can download Fritzing for a variety of platforms from here. The Fritzing site also has a wealth of useful information and advice about physical computing and electronics. Well worth a visit.

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