atmel isp

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This was actually used to program my Digital Voice Recorder which I made for my VI sem project. It connects to the Parallel port, and can be used to program any Atmel AVR while it is still in the system, provided the system provides a standard In System Programming (ISP) connector. The PC interface is through the Parallel port, and makes use of th

atmel isp
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e same pinout as the STK-200 programmer from Kanada Systems. The STK-200 programming cable is very popular, and almost every ISP download software (Except ICCAVR`s inbuilt chip programmer) supports it. The device is very simple, it only contains a single chip, a 74LS245 (a 74LS244 can also be used, with suitable modifications). Of course, a 74HC245 can be substituted. I think this is necessary when programming the ATMega series devices with the Atmel AVRISP software, since it uses some sort of `fast-mode` that gives an error during programming. Ignoring the error doesnt seem to do harm, and the program executes correctly on the chip. Other programmers such as PonyProg did not have any problems, regardless of the device being programmed. Can be used either to provide power to the target system during programming, or for the programmer to draw power from the target system during programming. I use it to allow the programmer to draw power from the system. The only chip used in the device is a 74LS245 octal bidirectional 3-state driver. However, a 74LS244 octal unidirecional bus driver may also be used. I just happened to have a 74LS245 lying around. The chip is used so that when the device is not being programmed, the programming interface lines are all tristated, allowing the device to function normally. The direction control is permanently grounded, making the device essentially unidirectional. The tristate enable is...

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