audio Can I use a PNP Transistor with an Electret Microphone to get an non-inverting output for my Arduino

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Read the generic sound level from an Electret Microphone. I`ve seen a number of schematics with NPN transistors, that will provide an inverted output (~5V when quiet, ~0V when loud, linear operation in between). However, I would like non-inverted output (linear operation, super quiet input gives ~0V, super loud input gives ~5V). I realize I could easily correct for this in software, but it just seems backward to me in

audio Can I use a PNP Transistor with an Electret Microphone to get an non-inverting output for my Arduino
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a way and I cannot find any examples of a non-inverting output with a PNP transistor. Is there a reason for this beyond being uncommon If it`s possible, could anyone provide a schematic of an electret microphone and PNP transistor that will give ~0V when quiet and ~5V when loud It seems I was rather confused in what I would get as output from the NPN preamp, which would be 0V for silence, and +/- Vin / 2. Here`s what I want instead: 0V when silent, ~2. 5V in medium sound levels, ~5V in maximum sound levels. This could be read by the ADC easily into `sound level` without much work at all. However, I cannot feed voltages < 0V or > 5V to the analog comparator. It looks like I want the above with an envelope detector, however that would only get me from 0V to 2. 5V. How do I make it vary the full 0V to 5V, 0V being `quiet` and 5V being `loud`, with everything in between linear Unfortunately, this circuit will not generate a DC voltage, if the output is taken on the right side of C2. It will generate an AC voltage. This is because of the capacitors. Capacitors do not allow DC voltages pass through them. abdullah kahraman Feb 11 `13 at 12:15 The Arduino has 6 analog inputs, which read 0-1023 for 0V-5V. AC is what I`d be looking for there, right Perhaps I`d need a diode to not be passing negative voltage to the Analog comparator Ehryk Feb 11 `13 at 12:20 Yes, but a diode will drop 0. 6V on itself. Maybe you should try to make the...

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