audio Headphones impedance and the SPL

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

You would calculate power through each headphone for the given source impedance to find which is louder. Chances are that the source impedance is closer to 32 ohms than 250 ohms, and the low impedance headphone would be louder, but it isn`t a sure thing Scott Seidman Mar 22 `13 at 17:26 @Scott: Source impedance is usually very low. In other words, you can think of

audio Headphones impedance and the SPL
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the amplifier as being a voltage source, so the power is inversely proportional to the headphone impedance. Of course all else is not even close to equal, so this really doesn`t matter anyway. Olin Lathrop Mar 22 `13 at 18:28

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