audio How to create a multi-extension intercom system using wired phones

Create a simple (telephone based) intercom system in our new house. Shouting between rooms is not so good, and trying to use an IM client or Facetime doesn`t have the immediacy of a good shout down the corridor. I`ve got a box of old wired telephones that don`t have much use any more, and will be wiring the new place with cat5e for networking so running an

extra wire to each room and sticking a phone into it is no real hassle. I`ve seen online plenty of sites showing me how to connect two phones together so you can talk in one, and it comes out the other. This seems pretty simple - a battery, a resistor, some phone jacks to make it neat. I`m not trying to create my own PBX, there`s no need to ring individual phones or have more than two people talking at once. Picking up a handset and having all the others ring until any other handset is picked up is enough.

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