audio stereo channel selector circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This circuit has accouterment for abutting stereo outputs from four altered sources/channels as inputs and alone one of them is selected/connected to the achievement at any one time. When ability accumulation is angry on`, approach A (AR and AL) is selected. If no audio is present in approach A, the ambit waits for some time and again selects the

audio stereo channel selector circuit
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abutting approach (channel B). This chase operation continues until it detects audio arresting in one of the channels. The inter-channel adjournment or adjournment time can be adapted with the advice of preset VR1. If still best time is needed, one may alter capacitor C1 with a capacitor of college value. Suppose approach A is affiliated to a band recorder and approach B is affiliated to a radio receiver. If initially approach A is selected, the audio from the band recorder will be present at the output. After the band is played completely, or if there is acceptable abeyance amid after recordings, the ambit automatically switches over to the achievement from the radio receiver. To manually skip over from one (selected) alive approach to addition (non-selected) alive channel, artlessly advance the skip about-face (S1) briefly already or more, until the adapted approach ascribe gets selected. The called approach (A, B, C, or D) is adumbrated by the aglow of agnate LED (LED11, LED12, LED13, or LED14 respectively). IC CD4066 contains four alternation switches. These switches are affiliated to four abstracted channels. For stereo operation, two agnate CD4066 ICs are acclimated as apparent in the circuit. These alternation switches are controlled by IC CD4017 outputs. CD4017 is a 10-bit arena adverse IC. Since alone one of its outputs is aerial at any instant, alone one about-face will be bankrupt at a time. IC CD4017 is...

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