avr Piezoelectric Sensor and the ADC

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The reason being is that I would like to use the sensor as a force sensor. I noticed that the harder I press it, the higher a voltage it delivers (but for a very short time). This is expected behavior, of course. What I am wondering is how I would connect it to the ADC. I mean, when I press it really hard, the piezo registers upward of 10 V. When

avr Piezoelectric Sensor and the ADC
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I press it softly, it usually gives me around 1. 3 V. As I understand it, the micrcontroller cannot take anything more than 5V, or else I run the risk of damaging it. Is this correct I mean, I am guessing the current coming out from the piezo is extremely small, though I don`t know if that changes the situation.

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