avr What is the point of Buffers like this in Programmers

On the bottom you will see a 74AC125 which is a Quad Buffer with Tri-State Outputs. I`ve seen quite a few buffers like this on programmers. but im not exactly sure what they do Im assuming whatever `CTL` is controls the `state` of the buffers. but what exactly is the point Why can`t you wire it directly to whatever Port Line (Serial or w/e). Or does this have something to do with Impedance

(Which Im not sure I STILL quite understand). Is it because the Signals are coming out of the ATTINY2313 (or w/e MC is used) too fast and they need to be slowed down I see this often when using a USB port of Serial Line. that one of these "Buffers" is used. What would happen if it wasn`t there

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