avr microcontroller circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Arduino Uno has a ATMEGA328P-PU microcontroller, and bunch of other stuff on the board. I`d like to program the chip without the Arduino software, and only the minimum of other components. I want to eventually create things without the cost of Arduino, and I want to learn about the other parts on the board and add them back as as needed. I`m comfortable with

avr microcontroller circuit
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C and gcc, so I can probably figure out the software part. But what, if anything, besides these two products below, do I need to have in the breadboard with the microcontroller Maybe when I know more. The datasheet is 550 pages, I`m a beginner, and a skim revealed nothing to me. I do a lot of self-study, but I appreciate sites like this where I can get some answers from humans now and then. :) Rob N Jan 11 `13 at 14:05 @capcom First google result for finds AVR Hardware Design Considerations. Not only does this application note have a minimal circuit to get the MCU to work, it goes in to great detail on how to connect a programming port, select oscillators, deal with ESD hazards, potential glitches on the reset line, connecting JTAG, PCB layout, and basically everything a beginner needs. Finding this information is the most useful skill a beginner can have. Phil Frost Jan 15 `13 at 3:38 @PhilFrost While I agree with you that finding information is probably the most essential skill a beginner can have, especially with the plethora of information available thanks to the internet, opening a datasheet for the first time can be a little intimidating. Once someone more experienced answers their question and tells them where in the datasheet they found the answer, the beginner can re-analyze it themselves and start to gain some confidence. Also, the link you gave is not a datasheet. You told him to read the "ATMEGA328P-PU...

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