avr programmer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Following circuit diagram shows ultra simple AVR microcontroller (SOURCE: unkown). It requires very few components and its very simple to build on general purpose matrix PCB. You can use PonyProg2000 software to program your AVR using this programmer. Following photograph shows programmer I have made for 40Pin and 20Pin AVR µCs. MISO, MOSI, SCK,

avr programmer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

RESET, X1, X2, VCC and GND pins of both 40pin and 20pin sockets are connected together. Serial port programmer(reference: At-Prog ) is shown here. Main advantage of using serial port is you can have cable length upto 2m. You can use PonyProg2000 software to program your AVR using this programmer. Serial port generates +- 12V on its pins, thus diodes and zener diode is used to clamp +12V to +5. 0V(4. 7V due to zener + 0. 3V due to bat85) and -12V to -0. 3V (due to lower Bat85). You can substitute Bat85 with 1n4148, however it is not recommended because, this diode will clamp +12V and -12V to +5. 4V and -0. 7V which are not desirable, as per datasheet of microcontroller. Its not that micro will burn if you use 1N4148 diodes, but why to take risk !. All steps are same as described in parallel port programmer section, However during third step do the following settings : select serial , from list select SI prog I/O , select COM1 ³( usually serial port is at COM1, if your computer have more than one serial ports multiple options will be active. Select appropriate, if you know, else do trial&error), check Invert Reset . Click on OK.

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