avr usb slideshow presenter.

USB HID is a specification that includes things like mouse and keyboard. has a GPL based driver to implement USB in an avr microcontroller without specialized hardware. There is also the AVR309, software USB application note from Atmel. I don`t know who invented it first Atmel or the people from obdev. at or somebody else. In any case the people from obdev.

at have done a great job. It is an easy to use library with a large number of examples. It works perfect and is very reliable. Software only USB is a low speed device. You can`t implement usb-storage with it but it is perfect for usb HID. The USB connector is a standard USB-A connector with 4 pins but I wanted to use the outer USB shielding also. It is therefore drawn in the diagram as a 6 pin connector. TP1 was used for tests during development and TP2/TP3 are there to have a ground connected metal plane near the buttons for ESD protection of the hardware. It was fun to build this "slide show presenter". The software emulates a HID keyboard and works out-of-the-box without requiring any special software or driver. You can use it under Window, Linux, Mac, BSD. Just plug the USB connector in, wait a few seconds for the enumeration on the USB bus and start your slide show. This little presenter works with any presentation software. Powerpoint, OpenOffice, . you name it.

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