Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Batcopter was built for Stanford`s first of three Mechatronics courses, ME218A. It is a mechanical version of the classic flash game Helicopter. The game has additional interactions for added complexity including enemies & different modes of difficulty. It is designed for two players. One player serves as Batman and the other as Robin. It uses two

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C32 microcontrollers, one for Batman`s interactions & the other for Robin`s. The software was designed using event-driven finite-state-machine framework. An example of the game Helicopter can be seen below. The goal of the game is to control a helicopter`s vertical position to avoid any obstacle, while gravity pulls you down. The initial concept to convert this flash computer game to a physical game can be seen below. The idea featured a rotating backdrop and buttons to control batmans vertical position and to kill enemies. A simple storyboard of what a user might see was sketched out. The user would first spin a wheel to raise batman up to his starting position. Then the backdrop would begin to scroll. The user would press a button to raise batman up and gravity would pull him down. At the same time, robin would be in charge of killing enemies that present themselves. The game was to be contained to a cube of roughly 18" sides. The design was created in Solidworks and later sent to the laser cutter. All dimensions below are in inches. The rotating backdrop transitions from the Bat Cave to Gotham City and was designed in Illustrator. The cartoonish backdrop was represented as a 12 x 81 array. Each of the 81 columns contains an upper and lower boundary where Batman can safely fly. The column index represents the horizontal progress through the cave and city. One servo rotates the backdrop while tracking the horizontal...

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