bluetooth curtain system

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Designing the circuit for the DC motor and bluetooth system. The bluetooth remote control is used to open and close the curtain. Below is the block diagram for your reference. 2. You can make use of your mobile phone, write a J2ME application for communicating with your hardware. that will also give you extra control and a nice

bluetooth curtain system
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

GUI interface. GUI is just a graphical user interface. its not related to windows, but its a term used for interface that is graphical to user. can be on any platform or even without platform. You mean i can create a J2ME application using the tool in the link page Is it to use the same coding in the website to develop a software to communicate between mobile phone and the controller. How to program the J2ME application to enable the dc motor to move reverse and forward as it is also connected to a PIC microcontroller Do i need additional circuit dc motor speed can also be done by using h-bridge with pwm but if u want to use simple on off it then also h-bridge can be used or use simple relay control method program the J2ME application in such a way u send any character in J2ME coding blue tooth receiver receive that character and sent to pic then pic should know that what have to done it this character received which pin do i connect the bluetooth receiver if i use PIC16F877 how do i read the datasheet to know which pin to connect which component how to know which pin to connect the input from LM35 sensor and the output for motor having trouble to understand the datasheet. LM35 will go to analog input pin you can select any. motor will be connected through a motor driver e. g. L293D (see dc motor tutorial for info on connections). finish motor rotation part first then go to bluetooth. ajay want to say that u first complete...

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