boarduino wii nunchuck servo

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Boarduino`s small footprint made me want to see how small of a device I could whip up in an hour from some fairly complex components. So I decided to see how small the combination of a Boarduino, a Wii Nunchuck, and a hobby servo motor could be. Here`s a little video of the result. The Wii Nunchuck is an amazing piece of technology. For $20 yo

boarduino wii nunchuck servo
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u get a 3-axis accelerometer, a 2-D analog joystick, two buttons, and it`s all accessed via the standard I2C protocol. A hobby servo is another piece great tech; only one wire is needed (besides power & ground) to specify the angle the motor should turn to. And both of these devices can plug straight into a Boarduino or Arduino board. The Boarduino is small programmable microcontroller and is an Arduino work-alike. It uses the same programming software as Arduino and can substitute for an Arduino in any Arduino projects. A Boarduino might be better for you if want a smaller and cheaper Arduino and don`t like running wires between your Arduino and a solderless breadboard. The Boarduino is made to be plugged into a solderless breadboard. This ends up being cheaper than the standard Arduino prototyping solution of a shield  board that plugs onto the top of an Arduino board, especially if you do lots of projects. The Boarduino does cover up a substantial part of a breadboard. If this bothers you, there is the Bare Bones Arduino clone from Modern Device. One of the ways Boarduino is so tiny is that it omits the USB-to-serial interface chip that is part of every Arduino board. Having that always present is really convenient, but it takes up space. The company that makes that chip, makes a cable that with the chip embedded into it. Adafruit sells this cable, cheaper than anywhere else if you buy it with a kit. If you have...

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