capacitor Choosing components for a triacs snubber

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Interfacing the BT139-600 TRIAC with this MOC3051-M Opto-triac. Build a snubber circuit for the TRIAC as shown in the MOC3051M opto-triac`s datasheet @ page 8, figure 12. The load will be a 230V AC, 4A motor. What are the recommended characteristics of the Rs, Cs and MOV in that schematic (the type of the resistor and capacitor, power specifications, voltage limits) Would this components be a good pick for

capacitor Choosing components for a triacs snubber
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the snubber Please specify load characteristics and use of circuit. Ideally a circuit diagram. The snubber`s role is to dissipate transient energy which is looking for a home at switch off time. We need to know how much energy is there and how it is "stored" to know what sort of home it needs. As a guide you want an energy sink that will stop reactive voltage rising dangerously high, that will dissipate available ractive energy prior to the next switching cycle and which has minimal possible effect the rest of the time. Not magic, just compromise. Russell McMahon Aug 3 `11 at 2:09

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