Posted on Feb 6, 2014

At the time I saw this there were a couple of units on the market. Non of which interested me because it locked you into a specific phone, or required the phone to be permanently mounted on the bike. The Kennedy (at about $79. 00) was supposed to be universal (with some limits), small and easy to install. I had just purchased a new phone a Nokia 61

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85. The Kennedy set is designed to plug into a phone that has a sub-mini stereo jack. The Nokia uses a plug in device that plugs into the bottom of the phone and has the jack on it. I purchased the Kennedy Set, the small interface, a car mount and a charger that plugs into a cigarette lighter. I mounted everything, the Kennedy plugs in-line with your existing intercom cord, and it worked great. I thought I was in seventh heaven because I could now ride all I wanted and not have to worry about being paged and finding a phone. The quality of the Kennedy unit was of good quality, totally waterproof and rugged. It interfaced with the intercom system and did not interfere with any of those systems. My only single complaint about the unit was that it was missing 2 things. 1. It did not have any way of adjusting the audio level for individual phones and 2. It did not have the dust boot cover over the interface cord. This caused me some issues because when I wash the bike I don`t want water getting into the plug. Kennedy told me they were working on correcting that and I even asked if there was going to be an upgrade path and or kit to buy to correct it. They told me yes but even in their 2nd generation interface it still does not have the dust boot but I am to understand it does have an audio adjustment. After a while I got tired of having to unplug the interface, unplug the power cord and make sure I did not lose the headset...

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