chip programmer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This project has come about from my desire to control my home heating from work. As I have a VPN between work and home a straightforward relay controlled from a PC would seem the easiest solution. However I also wanted a control unit that I could operate in the house without resorting to the computer. For example, I get up late and the heating is

chip programmer
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off, I just want to hit a button and turn it on. In fact the programmer shown on this page is now next to my bed so I can turn the heating on before I get up late, and also switch it off if I turn in early, which helps save on the fuel bills J This programmer has been designed for use with a domestic heating boiler. It provides outputs via two relays to control the supply of Hot Water and Heating. There are 10 program entries available and each one can control the heating and water independently. The programmer allows manual advance of the heating and water and disabling of program control, useful if you`re going away for a few days and want to leave the heating and water off. As well as providing normal front panel switch control of the heating and water, the programmer also features a serial terminal interface that allows it to be operated remotely from a PC running a Terminal Emulator. The program entries can be set to switch weekdays only, weekends only or everyday but not individual days. I believe a programmer that can switch weekdays or weekends is a 5/2-day programmer so I would call mine a 5/2/7 day programmer since it can do the whole week as well. However, a 7-day programmer is one that can do individual days so I`ve settled on calling mine an Enhanced 5/2-day programmer. The programmer and boiler control relays are contained in separate units so that the relays can be located close to the boiler while the...

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