circuit How to find currents of all nodes using superposition theorem

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Using the superposition theorem, I need to find the current of all the 3 nodes of the circuit. Using superposition I`ve found that the current from the source: Do you mean i_1 is the current through V1 when the other voltage sources are shorted out, in line with the first step of solving the problem with super position Davorak Mar 6 `13 at 21

circuit How to find currents of all nodes using superposition theorem
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:51 @Davorak: Yes! The 2nd one is exactly what I mean. I`ve shorted it out finally, I hadn`t calculated all the other currents at the nodes when I was applying superposition. I did now, and all the currents are correct. Chris Mar 6 `13 at 23:28 After you have solved the circuit for each source individually you can add together the currents of each branch to get the total current of the final circuit with all sources. I it is not possible, with out solving the circuit in some fashion to know the directions of current you are taking about in your questions. It would be a good idea to include a diagram like on fo the below or add an up/down, left/right annotation to your current where appropriate. You can draw your current arrows in any direction you want, if the current is actually flowing in the opposite direction of your arrow then then it will just end up being a negative current in your solution.

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