circuit block diagram

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

thermocouple cold junction compensation and the MAX6675 converter circuit diagram of temperature measuring system composed of The circuit components are used:Temperature measurement system composed by the MAX6675 circuit diagram as shown. K-type thermocouple connected to the MAX6675`s T, T-end of the cold thermocouple grounded. Host selection of 8051, MAX6675

circuit block diagram
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as a slave, from 8051`s P1. 1 serial port to the MAX6675 transmit clock, P1. 0 port to receive the MAX6675 output temperature data. P1. 2 port output low to CS set to 0. System with five common cathode LED digital tube, will be set at ten behind the decimal point, you can measure the temperature of 0 ~ 1024oC, resolution is 0. 1. P0 port is used to drive CCD4511 were then decoding and bit drive 774LS154. P1. 3 port access through the speaker sound and light alarm circuit, open circuit failure occurs when the thermocouple, the speaker alarm. P2 4 4 keyboard port access. it diagram of the internal functional units, each unit specific circuit diagram of the circuit and so on. [1] "circuit diagram" of the painting has a certain signal flow logic. For example, the signal must come from the launch pad, from the TV antenna input circuit television, after the signal processing circuit television, that high amp circuit, prerelease, color decoding, video, zoom, and color matrix, and other circuits, and finally added to the three CRT electron gun, in coordination with other circuits on the screen in the tube weight was a signal from the TV transmitters. TV signal flow diagram in the picture, as long as the signal flows through the circuit block diagram of the functional unit, said then the block diagram according to a certain logical order it can be. TV circuit block diagram of the principle of painting in the picture when the TV...

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