circuit for ultrasonic parking sensor

You could have an USBI2C with every sensor, which would mean 4-sensors for £120. The SRF02 runs on the I2C bus, which i`ve been told I shouldn`t extend more than ~2metres. The obvious plan would then be to have one USBI2C for the back bumper, and one for the front, with a total price of £80. I`m currently experimentally considering if a `spider` arrangement, with the USBI2C in the center of the car,

leading out to the four sensors, would allow me to reduce the price to about £65. It could maybe be done cheaper by soldering it yoursef, and I wouldn`t call it cheap, but i think £65 for a 4-sensor system is a pretty good deal, up to £90 for 6 sensors. The only major flaw with these at the moment, is that they arn`t waterproof. So, next work is to research trying to cover these as best as possible. Apparently just replacing the transeiver with a waterproof type doesn`t work for some reason.

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