circuit for ultrasonic parking sensor

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

You could have an USBI2C with every sensor, which would mean 4-sensors for £120. The SRF02 runs on the I2C bus, which i`ve been told I shouldn`t extend more than ~2metres. The obvious plan would then be to have one USBI2C for the back bumper, and one for the front, with a total price of £80. I`m currently experimentally considering if a `spider` arrangement, with the USBI2C in the center of the car,

circuit for ultrasonic parking sensor
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

leading out to the four sensors, would allow me to reduce the price to about £65. It could maybe be done cheaper by soldering it yoursef, and I wouldn`t call it cheap, but i think £65 for a 4-sensor system is a pretty good deal, up to £90 for 6 sensors. The only major flaw with these at the moment, is that they arn`t waterproof. So, next work is to research trying to cover these as best as possible. Apparently just replacing the transeiver with a waterproof type doesn`t work for some reason.

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