circuit schematic symbol for buffer with control input

circuit 1kz has an op amp component type with two inputs, output, and up and down ports, usually used for power supply rails. There`s also a buffer component type (which I think is provided by tikz itself, not the circuitikz library) which has one input and one output and no vertical ports. I`m looking for a buffer/amp with one input, one output, a

nd the vertical ports, for use as control pins. My use case is a track-and-hold (aka sample-and-hold) amplifier symbol, but a tri-state buffers are also very common and require a control input. Ok, that figure uses a two-input SHA. But I`m sure you can imagine what the one-input version should look like (basically, I`m trying to make a single symbol that hides all that complexity, for a high-level block diagram).

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