circuit to test servo motor (pole rotor) of parabolic antenna

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

That circuit is to test the motor servant of the parabolic antenna it is working perfectly, although a system with lnbf is much more appropriate, a lot of people they still use systems using lnb and servo motor. Then the idea of that circuit is to help to the technician reparation of parabolic antennas when doing test of operation of the servo mot

circuit to test servo motor (pole rotor) of parabolic antenna
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or. Being detected the defect is in the polarization or in the receiver. It is enough to connect the threads to tie the equipment in the electric outlet and to select with the key S1 the type of polarization vertical or horizontal, if the servo motor is with operation ok, you will hear the characteristic noise. The servo motor tester consists of a astable multi-vibrator that determines the direction of turn of the motor. The typical values of duration of the pulses are 1 bad (V) and 2 bad (H). When the key S! it is closed the potentiometer R3 if I tan circuit and the c1 555 it generates a sign of 1mS of duration. he/she should do if an adjustment in R4 to get the best point of work of the circuit.

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