clock Crystal circuit works in breadboard but not in perfboard

It works perfectly on the breadboard, where I can see the LED blinking at 2 Hz. However, when I try to solder it on the perfboard, it blinks much faster. I don`t have a way to measure, but I`d say something like 10 Hz. I tried to mount three times on the breadboard and three times on the perfboard, and always get the same result. I checked and rechecked the connections, and everything seems to be fine. I have

no idea where the problem might be. What could be wrong I tried replacing the two 15pF capacitor for two 22pF, but it didn`t help. Unfortunately, I don`t have access to a oscilloscope to see what`s happening inside. The second one is the soldering side. Please excuse my bad soldering, I`m a beginner, and it`s a little messy from all soldering/desoldering. However, I tested all connections and the connections are correct.

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