clock Crystal circuit works in breadboard but not in perfboard

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

It works perfectly on the breadboard, where I can see the LED blinking at 2 Hz. However, when I try to solder it on the perfboard, it blinks much faster. I don`t have a way to measure, but I`d say something like 10 Hz. I tried to mount three times on the breadboard and three times on the perfboard, and always get the same result. I checked and rechecked the connections, and everything seems to be fine. I have

clock Crystal circuit works in breadboard but not in perfboard
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

no idea where the problem might be. What could be wrong I tried replacing the two 15pF capacitor for two 22pF, but it didn`t help. Unfortunately, I don`t have access to a oscilloscope to see what`s happening inside. The second one is the soldering side. Please excuse my bad soldering, I`m a beginner, and it`s a little messy from all soldering/desoldering. However, I tested all connections and the connections are correct.

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