commodore 64c

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

All the mods were sourced through the Mssiah forum, so thanks to all for sharing. I`ve tried to credit all those responsible, and to help anyone else wanted to do the same I`ve also added a few photos of my build. RCA soldered to GND and rearside of motherboard. I ran a GND bus joining video out, and the two audio jacks in BK wire to rearside of m

commodore 64c
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otherboard. Connections described in more detail here. The DPDT either sends both Audio In`s to GND through 1uf cap and 100k r, or through 1uf cap to 470k linear pot connected to Audio Outs to create feedback loops. I also added a 1k r in series with the 470k pot as I was wary of sending sound directly back into the SID`s- not sure if this is necessary though. DPDT cuts lines 7 and 8 to port two. Not sure it`s necesary to cut both but I only had a DPDT switch so I thought why not be double sure of preventing any conflicts! SID2SID installed. I drilled a small hole for the Blue Audio out cable to run out of the topside of the board. SID#2 Audio out is soldered to pin 26 of SID#2 on the rearside.

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