converter lhc4 6 8ka 08v

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This Power Converter is used in LHC Machine to power superconductive magnets. It is located in the LHC underground installation, close to the loads to limit cable losses in the underground installation. A high current high frequency (25 kHz) switch mode power converter, designed for powering of superconducting loads requiring only positive current

converter lhc4 6 8ka 08v
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and positive voltage control (1 quadrant). Constructed from a modular architecture composed of 2kA power modules, the system can be easily adapted to suit specific powering requirements. Used extensively in the LHC particle accelerator. The converter is water cooled, and is thus ideally suited to situations where air losses must be carefully managed. Designed for underground operation, extensive remote diagnostics have been foreseen to allow efficient monitoring and fault diagnostics without requiring being present locally. Power Converter is normally assembled using a n+1 Power Bricks [+2kA +08V] to provide active redundancy in case of one subconverter is lost. For example, a [+8kA +08V] is composed of 5x [+2kA +08V] Power Brick, working as current source being controlled by a Voltage Source main control. Power Brick is actually a high frequency current source (7-8kHz) controlled by a 1kHz bandwidth voltage loop. One can notice that Power Brick is actually a current cource in its structure, even if voltage source capacitors are located in this block for mechanical reasons. Representation below gives a symbolic structure of the power converter, clarifying the cascade loops. ( Is1 & Is2 are actually assumed to be representative and equal to the current of each power transformer secondaries). The multiplication of rectifier stages in each output module gives the following advantages: easier design of magnetic parts, lower...

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