current limiter circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

LM117/LM317 National Semiconductor Corporation is a three-terminal adjustable positive voltage regulator ICs. LM117/LM317 output voltage range is 1. 2V to 37V, load current up to 1. 5A. It`s very simple to use, only two external resistors to set the output voltage. Besides its line regulation and load regulation than standard fixed regulators good. LM117/LM317 built-in overload protection and safe area

current limiter circuit diagram
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protection and other protective circuits. Usually LM117/LM317 no external capacitor, unless the input filter capacitor to the input connection LM117/LM317 more than 6 inches (15 cm). Transient response can change with the output capacitor. Adjust the filter capacitor can be used side than the standard three-terminal regulator with high ripple rejection and more. LM117/LM317 to have many special uses. Such as adjusting the suspension to end on a high voltage can be used to adjust the voltage up to several hundred volts, as long as the input and output pressure of not more than LM117/LM317 limit on the line. Of course, to avoid output short circuit. It can also be adjusted end to a programmable voltage, programmable power output. Adjustable output voltage as low as 1. 2V. Ensure 1. 5A output current. A typical line regulation of 0. 01%. 0. 1% typical load regulation. 80dB ripple rejection ratio. Output short circuit protection. Overcurrent and overheating protection. Adjust the tube safe operating area protection. Standard three-terminal transistor package. Symbol Parameter Value Unit VI-O Input - Output voltage differential output current is internally limited 40VIO Top operating junction temperature LM117-55 150 LM217-25 to the internal power limit 150LM3170 to 125Ptot Tstg Storage Temperature -65 to 150 LM317 works: LM317 input maximum voltage of 30 V, output voltage 1. 5 - 32V. 1. 5A. But with the current time to pay...

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