cv mega mixer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This module is an enhanced version of the D. C. mixer designed for both audio and CV mixing. It has both non-inverting (adding) and inverting (subtracting) inputs, as well as a master level control. It also features two inverting outputs, one (out2) that is offset by the master level control, and the other (out3) which has independent offset and ce

cv mega mixer
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nter inputs. Feed it several control voltage sources, for example from a bank of Psycho LFOs. Use the non-inverting output to control one VCA, and the offset inverting output (out2) to drive a second VCA, giving a pseudo random panning effect, the overall output level of which can be controlled by the master level control. The core of the circuit is quite conventional, using two op-amps in a unity gain inverting configuration. The first stage mixes the signals from the six inputs, one of which is an expansion input and requires the use of external resistors. The output signal from this op-amp is then sent to the second stage where it is mixed with six more inputs, the inverting inputs, again one of which is an expansion input and requires the use of external resistors. The feedback resistor in this stage is variable, one half of a dual pot, allowing the output level to be controlled. The normal output (out1) is taken from the output of this op-amp via a 1k resistor. This signal is also fed to two more inverting stages. The first again an op-amp in a unity gain inverting configuration. This time, an offset voltage is mixed with the incoming signal, the offset voltage being derived from the second section of the output level pot in such a way that the offset is reduced as the output level is reduced. When the output level is zero, the offset will also be zero. The second inverting stage has no inbuilt offset and will reflect...

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