dac 08 as digital potentiometer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This digital volume control has no pot to wear out and introduces almost no noise in the circuit. Instead, the volume is controlled by pressing UP and DOWN. A digital potentiometer is a digitally-controlled electronic component that mimics the analog functions of a potentiometer. Many Inverter or 3-phase motor controller in industry have input 0-1

dac 08 as digital potentiometer
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0V and an analog variable resistance is used to change the voltage which result in change in speed of the motor controlled by that Inverter. With the passage of time this potentiometer does not work fine. So, people try to find digital potentiometer which can give 0-10V digitally by the use of two push buttons. It is often used for trimming and scaling analog signals by microcontrollers. It is either built using an R-2R integrated circuit or a Digital-to-analog converter. A digital potentiometer is an electronic component that is often controlled by digital protocols like I ²C and SPI, as well as more basic Up/Down protocols. Some typical uses of digital potentiometers are in circuits requiring gain control of amplifiers (frequently instrumentation amplifiers), small-signal audio-balancing, and offset adjustment. This project is of digital volume control or digital potentiometer. Micro controller At89s52 0r any 8051 family microcontroller can be used with DAC08, or DAC-0800. The theme of project is very simple, two push button are used as input, one for increment and other for decrement of values between 0 to 255, this byte is then feed to digital to analog converter dac-08, the output current from DAC is converted to voltage between 0-10V accordingly. The circuit is simple and can be used any where. Circuit diagram for the interfacing of DAC-08 with micro-controller, Digital Volume control, CS3310 Stereo Digital Volume...

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