dc tesla coil

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

I`m making a small DC tesla coil with a rotating spark gap. The motor controlling the RSG draws about 3. 8 amps of current at full load, and the 555 control circuit and amp draws about 4 amps. Would it be best to run the motor and 555 circuit parallel from the +12v or in series If it`s in series would the motor current draw cause an excess of curr

dc tesla coil
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ent through my 555 or am I looking at it wrong Sorry for the non-conventional elements of the schematic. The dotted lines represent the elements of the circuit I`m questioning. A and B are the same thing, obviously. They both represent the motor connected in parallel to the signal circuit, but C (without the ground to the left of it) would be the motor connected in series to the main circuit. After posting this thread I realized it was probably a stupid question and I should just connect the motor in parallel, but I was wondering: would connecting the motor in series would cause more current to be drawn to the coil

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