decibel meter circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The series of decibel meter function to determine the level of signal strength that is given to the speaker on the audio system. Decibel meter circuit is often also known as the VU meters on audio hifi system. For a series of decibel meters in this article displays strong technique with signal lights and LED. Decibel meter input circuit is taken f

decibel meter circuit
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rom the output of the audio system that will connect to the speakers. The series uses a decibel meter this fruit as a comparator LM324 IC and 1 level amplifier with gain control. The series of decibel meter or VU meter is quite simple to make and circuit details can be seen in the following figure. The series of decibel meters above requires 12VDC voltage source and an input signal from the audio power output that is connected to the speakers. The series of decibel meters can be installed on powered speakers or other audio amplifier system. To adjust the audio signal reception sensitivity is set by adjusting the value VR500K which serves as feedback and reinforcement factors will affect the amplifier circuit ahead of the decibel meter.

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