delay circuit for surround sound

This circuit in below uses the Mitsubishi M65830 Digital Delay chip. This has been around for a while now, and is simple and effective (provided that a fixed delay is acceptable). The serial data required to obtain different delay settings is not easily obtained, and would add considerably to the complexity of the circuit. This is the figure of th

e circuit. The circuit is (almost) a direct adaptation from the Mitsubishi data sheet, and as shown will give good performance over a wide frequency range. The filters are tuned to around 9. 5 kHz, and although this could be reduced there does not seem to be any good reason to do so. This seems to be the optimum response for rear channel speakers, so should be left alone. The filter circuits use internal op amps, and only require the external components. The unit can be constructed as a module quite easily, requiring a 5 Volt supply, analogue and digital earth connections, and an input and output.

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