digital clock

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is digital clock schematic diagram. This circuit is quite complex and quite difficult for a newbie because this circuit uses IC with some a complicated connections. The voltages that supplied to the circuit are divided in two lines. The voltage +5VA supplies all IC except the IC9 until IC13 and is supplied with voltage in case of break of ne

digital clock
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

twork voltage. On the other side, the voltage linr of +5VB only supplies the IC9 until IC13 and display and is interrupted in case of interruption of network voltage, it is to ensure the economy of battery. Make a PCB in very easy steps. ! Create your PCB design using PCB designer software like Eagle, print out your design on photo paper or glossy paper with laserjet printer. Stick the printed design on the PCB (copper side) and then heat it using hot iron plate. The ink will stick on the PCB and it will be ready for etching process. Note: If you don`t have laserjet printer, then you can print the design on standard paper. Copy the printed design at Copy Service around your location (with glossy paper).

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