digital modified sine wave inverter

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

All the stages involved are actually for enabling a frequency response of 20 to 100kHz, though here we wont need such high degree of frequency response, I didnt eliminate any of the stages as it wouldnt do any harm to the circuit. The first stage consisting of the BC556 transistors is the differential amplifier stage, next comes the well balanced

digital modified sine wave inverter
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driver stage consisting of the BD140/BD139 transistors and finally its the output stage which is made up of the powerful mosfets. This completes the power amp stage, however this stage requires a well dimensioned input, rather a PWM input which would ultimately help to create the proposed digital sine wave inverter circuit design. One of the diodes at the output may be selected for reducing the amplitude of the output signal which would ultimately help in adjusting the RMS level of the transformer output. The figure below shows various waveforms outputs as per the selection of the number of diodes at the output of the oscillator stage, the waveforms may have different relevant RMS values, which must be carefully selected for feding the power inverter circuit.

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