digital thermometer with data

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Digital Thermometer 0-100. 0 °C is a digital thermometer that operates in mode temperature measurement in Celsius ( ° C). Digital Thermometer 0-100. 0 ° C in this article uses data processor in the form of a microcontroller AT89C4051. Temperature sensors used in Digital Thermometer 0-100. 0 ° C. This temperature sensor LM35D. Digital Thermometer 0-1

digital thermometer with data
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00. 0 ° C. It uses the temperature measurement data viewer in the form of 1 line LCD viewer. Digital Thermometer 0-100. 0 ° C. It can display the temperature measurement data with a resolution of 0. 1 ° C. Digital Thermometer 0-100. 0 ° C. These temperature sensors make use of LM35D as temperature sensing. In Digital Thermometer 0-100. 0 ° C. This temperature sensor measurement data this LM35D (Level Voltage) is then converted into 4-bit binary data using the ADC CA3162. Then the 4-bit data from ADC CA3162 which is a measurement of data if the temperature is in the AT89C4951 microcontroller so that it becomes an operating principle of temperature measurement based on digital thermometers. In the final stage of the Digital Thermometer 0-100. 0 ° C. This is the appearance of digital data temperature measurement, using digital data viewer of the LCD 1 line.

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