digital thermometer with pic16f84

Resign a complex solution using few external components, resulting an low cost application that provide a high precision measurement. This Digital thermometer microcontroller project use watchdog timer function to measure temperature. The WDT on all PIC-micro microcontrollers has a nominal time-out period of 18 ms. The WDT time-out period varies

with temperature, VDD and part-to-part process variations. very little operating current but if any key is pressed, it wakes up` from SLEEP and updates the WDT count, and checks for additional key presses. If there are none, it returns to SLEEP mode. 1. Place the system in the temperature forcing system at the higher of the two calibration temperatures, and wait 5 minutes for the temperature to stabilize. 7. Press the SET key. The new low temperature calibration is stored in data EEPROM, and the firmware sets a flag (Default) to indicate that new calibration information is available.

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