discussing output stage of square wave

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

What about the 10K resistors at the bases of the transistors, and the 1K resistors at the collectors. Keep those with theTransistors when I move them, orget rid of them If the 10K resistors are not included the transistors will blow-off, without the 1K collector resistors the mosfets will not work. so all of them are required. we are just interested in changing the waveform, which

discussing output stage of square wave
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is solely connected with the oscillator section. The output stage which is responsible only for boosting the signals into the transformer windings, remains the same, just as it was with the square wave design. Hi Swag, one more question. On your circuit, at the Diode Junction, should I get rid of R4, R5, R6, R7 and just use the two 10K resistors, with the transistors. Hi Swagatam, I followed your instructions to the letter and it still does not work. This time when I turned the Inverter ON it made a loud high pitched noise and blow one of the Mosfets. Sorry for the bad news. Hi Swagatam, here is a picture of the complete circuit on a PCB. The Square wave generator and PWM circuitare ontwo separate PCBs. I sure hope we can get this thing working. Quite unfortunate that its not working, you may directly connect the diode junctions through the 10K resistors of the square wave design, so R4, 5, 6, 7 are not required. are you sure you are using exactly the same output stage set-up that was previously working with the square wave design I think you did some changes in the secondary winding. if that is true then that may be root cause of all the trouble.

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