dome light dimmer cars

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Any idea where can I get the schematics for the dome light dimmer to be used in car. Which means that when I open the door, the light will light up and when closed, the light will slower dim and off. Thank you for the reply, how would I connect the circuit if I want to connect directly to the door switch The circuit given in is kinda complicatin

dome light dimmer cars
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

g and wouldn`t the light just light up if the switch is on Please advice. The first link shows all the door switches and a selector switch to determine which means, if any, to turn on the light. The text below explains it all. The second link simplifies it all. To answer your question, yes the light will be on full brightness as long as door is open. When the door is closed, C1 eventually gets up to 12 V. When the door is opened, C1 is discharged through the switch and D1. There is no current limit in this circuit, so the current will be quite large. A 1N4148 is only rated at 450 mA peak, so the circuit should really have at least 25 © in directly series with C1.

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