dsp sstc

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a project for a versatile, digital signal processor (DSP) based generic driver and controller circuit for Solid State Tesla Coils (SSTCs). Support for all new topologies (DRSSTC, OLTC, PLL-SSTC, . ) can be implemented programmatically. The same controller can serve to debug switch mode supplies, by functioning as a PWM signal generator. Thi

dsp sstc
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s DSP controller board will use one of Motorola/Freescale`s miniature hybrid controllers of the 56800E series (56F8322, datasheet ). These are very small microcontrollers with a DSP core, running 60 MHz with 60 MIPS (17ns per instruction). The 56F8322 is preferred to others of the 56800E series as it has an on-board 6-channel PWM module and 6 timers, and is on Sample Order status. The final version of the DSP board will allow you to: operate as a feedback SSTC with immediate frequency tracking, including programmable hard limiting of output frequency range (e. g. min 50kHz max 200kHz), and automatic SSTC restart `kicks` The optical serial communication link is achieved with a relatively cheap TFDU/TFDS/TFDT4100 IrDA transceiver module being `mis-used` for normal serial data bit encoding instead of the IrDA pulse-length encoding. The TFDU4100 has an internal transmitter diode with drive circuitry, and a receiver diode with gain control and amplifier for digital output, so it is simpler to use the module than a bunch of discretes. The PC side will need a second TFDU4100, plus some small circuitry to convert to 0V and 5V (never mind the `official` RS-232 signal levels :-). The board output lines are driven by the open-collector 74LS07 / SN7407 logic buffer that allows up to 30V output signal levels and has a typical or max transition delay of 20ns. 10kOhm pull-up resistors are already included on the DSP board. 2) the DSP56858...

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