eWater Electrolysis

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

With 4 batteries (as for instance in the flashlight) it is possible to produce per hour hydrogen and oxygen in a quantity which corresponds to regular grade fuel in approximately 42 litres. Until the batteries are exhausted, they produced for calorific value, which corresponds at least 252 litres to regular grade fuel. Converted a vehicle, which uses into approximately

eWater Electrolysis
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10 litres on 100 km (62 miles), with 4 commercial batteries could drive about 2500 (1553 miles) kilometers far. I had some emails assuming that the web owner (me) has performed the above experiment, I have not done so and have merely reproduced the report at this site. I reference to the high frequency electrolysis link on the energy21. I`m a member of an inventor`s coop in Northern California and am very interested in researching more efficient means of electrolysis for producing hydrogen on demand for powering vehicles. I have accessed Puharich`s patents and white paper and the Xogen patent and other information which you might also find interesting. I thought of starting with something simple like trying to obtain similar results to your experiment. In trying to replicate or at least approximate the results found in your page on high frequency electrolysis we had very different results. We utilized an existing power circuit designed by a friend, an electronic engineer. We started with a solution of 10% battery acid, commercially available in the US, It is not clear to us what concentration of sulfuric acid this is, but we added 30ml of this to 270ml of tap water in a plastic beaker. We then used two 24k gold plated copper electrode coils attatched to our power source. The power source was CURRENT LIMITED to 250mA, the voltage supplied to the circuit was 12V, but as measured at the cell it varied from 1 to 2 volts as the...

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