egan fet silicon power shoot out volume 10 high frequency resonant converters

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Distributed power systems are prevalent in telecommunications, networking, and high-end server applications and utilize a 48 V bus voltage adopted from the telecom industry. From the 48 V bus, a number of isolated point of load (POL) converters power the end loads, with isolation being required for safety. The traditional distributed power archite

egan fet silicon power shoot out volume 10 high frequency resonant converters
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cture (DPA), Fig. 1(a), uses AC/DC front end converters to deliver the 48 V bus voltage. From the 48 V bus voltage, a number of regulated isolated DC/DC POL converters are used to deliver the required voltage and power to the individual loads. As communications, networking, and high-end server systems have become more complex, the voltages and currents demanded by the growing number of loads have increased significantly [1]. Having a large number of regulated 48 V isolated DC/DC POL converters to power these systems significantly increases the cost, volume, and complexity of the system. The limitation of the traditional distributed power architecture is that as the power demands of the loads increased so did the complexity of the isolated converters required. Fully regulated isolated POL converters are much larger, more complex, and more expensive than low voltage non-isolated POL converters. The isolated converters introduce a bulky transformer and complex control due to the isolation requirements; this leads to lower efficiency and power density. To simplify design, the concept of intermediate bus architecture (IBA) was considered[2] [3]. A popular IBA approach, shown in Fig. 1(b), employs a lower number of 48 V isolated bus converters that satisfy isolation requirements and supply an intermediate bus voltage ranging from 9. 6-12 V. With the final regulation to the loads provided by smaller, more efficient, regulated...

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