electronic design software for large electronics

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The PSU you`re referring to doesn`t look extraordinarily large to me.Eagle should be able to handle this kind of dimensions. I was more looking for something that may already have the components and be more suited for this kind of design (perhaps allow you to give wires colors, though I suppose with the Eagle labels we can type it out). Also @stevenvh thank you for the edit. It isnt a size thing, it`s more that

electronic design software for large electronics
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

there are certain ways to draw these units, and the best way may be available in these programs. For example an outlet with a swtich that is present in the Schaffaur FN284 link. No schematic/layout package will have every component footprint you`ll ever need waiting for you. Part of doing electronics work is building up (or buying, or subscribing to) a footprint library consisting of all the parts you usually run across. Eagle has a lot of footprints, and there are plenty more freely available on their site, but it`s not complete by any means. I usually end up adding a dozen or so parts to my library each year.

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