famicom disk system fd3206 write mod

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Install your fresh mod board into your FDS drive mechanism. You need to cut two traces and solder 8 wires to various points on the board. If you have installed a console modchip before, this step should be a piece of cake. Since the Famicom uses 1980s technology, the circuit board traces and solder points are big and clear to see, and therefore

famicom disk system fd3206 write mod
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easy to solder on with basic to intermediate soldering skills. With the drive mechanism out of the case, flip it around so that its bottom side faces up, and remove the three Phillips screws that hold the bottom metal plate together (one of the screws doesn`t hold the metal plate at all, don`t remove that one). Remove the metal plate to expose the circuit board underneath. Rotate the disk drive mechanism so that the disk card slot faces away from you and the power board connector points at you (in the case of the above picture, rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise). In order to do a successful mod, you`ll need to familiarize yourself with this particular area of the circuit board, since we`ll be cutting a couple of traces and soldering several wires to it. Zoom in on the picture by clicking on it, compare it with your disk drive and make sure you can recognize the basic structures like the two parallel columns of solder points (which by the way is the Drive Controller IC). There`s no room for error! You`ll need to cut two circuit board traces that link the original disk writing stage with the write head assembly. This will disable the original, crippled disk writing circuitry and allow our custom circuitry to take control. Cut the marked traces in the exact same place that is detailed on the picture. If you cut them at another place you`ll also disconnect the pull-up resistors from the head assembly, which will prevent...

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