flight computer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The design changes were primarily chosen to improve weight of the system. The majority of weight savings were due to having a single board design, switching to single battery operation and mounting the battery directly on the PCB. Other small weight improvements included the use of smaller components. The opto-coupler has been removed and the micr

flight computer
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o-controller directly drives the actuator transistor. A snubber diode has been added across the motor as well as a small capacitor to reduce noise. A capacitor has also been added across the micro-controller`s power rails. The software changes included disabling the brown-out reset on the micro-controller to prevent it from resetting when there was a bit of noise on the power rails. The "P" display during parachute deployment has been replaced with a "-" to reduce the amount of power drawn from the battery while the motor is in operation. The launch detect switch is a smaller micro-switch and is activated by a large nail that slides within a guide. This helps prevent unnecessary shocks on the armature during landing. With the weight glued to the armature in V1. 2 it was possible for the armature to pop out of the switch on landing. The new arrangement is also more compact. The "power", "program" and "arm" switches have all been placed close together to allow them to be accessible from a much smaller hole in the rocket body. This helps streamline the rocket reducing drag. Due to upcoming experiments the range of selectable delays has also been increased. The following table gives the range of delays settable with version 1. 3.

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