fm oscillator with bly87

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

C1=100nF Multilayer or ceramic C2 : 4. 7 pF ceramic C3 : 100 nF ceramic (1 or 10 nF will do also) C4 : 40 pf trimmer C5 : 4. 7 pF ceramic C6 : 10 pF ceramic C7 : 22 pF ceramic C8 : 1 nF ceramic C9 : 1 nF ceramic C10: 100 nF ceramic C11: 100 nF ceramic C12: 100 nF ceramic C13: 47 uF/25V C14: 1 nF ceramic L1 : 4 wdg, dia 8 mm, 1 mm CuAg, space 1 mm

fm oscillator with bly87
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; Mounted 8 mm above PCB (Leads are 4 mm) L2 : 6-hole ferroxcube wideband HF-choke (5 wdg) L3 : 6-hole ferroxcube wideband HF-choke (5 wdg) This package contains the schematic and PCB layout for the FM oscillator using the BF900 Dual Gate MOSFET, which is used between 90 and 110 MHz. and that he has a very low noise, and very stable. If you use the proper buffering, a PLL is not needed anymore. For BF900 mounting holes (diameter 6 mm) should be created in which the casing can survive in. I myself have a problem with the other side of the copper`, since the oscillator will not light (not really enough votes Just kidding). Was solved when I removed the copper BF900 (about 1 1. 5 cm diameter).

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