forester: window regulator to all the way down to install it

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

It is best to remove the glass from the regulator so that you can move the regulator freely then attach the glass after you install the motor. Once you have the motor installed operate the regulator with the motor to position the glass attachment points where you can reach them. The guide channel can be slid by hand. Be sure the `foot` of the regulator slides freely in the guide channel The glass is not the

forester: window regulator to all the way down to install it
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problem, yet as it is lying elsewhere in the garage. I have replaced the motor with the regulator in the full up position and have inserted the assembly into the door but I am having trouble alligning the 4 holes to mount the motor to the door panel. I am thinking that maybe the regulator must be in the full down position to align the motor mount. It is easiest to mount the motor in the mid position so that you can rotate the motor. In the full down position the X portion is at the end of its travel and is the full up position is is the same problem. The lower guide channel can be removed to allow the regulator to rotate to the correct position to match the motor. Be sure you are not trying to mount the motor upside down (don`t laugh I have seen it tried) I will connect the motor to the switch while the assembly is in the door then cause the motor to lower the regulator to the mid position then get back to you. On a related note what would prevent the window from rising but still allow the window to lower I swapped the door switches but that did not work. However, I measured the voltage to the motor and it is either plus or minus depending on the switch position, something I (electrical engineer, would expect but the motor only turns in one direction. Is there a stop limit sensor that is indicating the window is ALWAYS full up and preventing the window from closing Thanks for your help. There is not a limit switch per se,...

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