full bridge inverter with mosfet ir2110

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

For the full bridge inverter circuit i planned to use IRF2807 (75V Vds, 82A Ids) and Two IR2110 for the driver. I never use IR2110 before and failed many time when i want to make a H-Bridge for DC motor last year. My DC input voltage is 34V (2 series solar panel), The power rating is about 100Watt so the MOSFET should able to drain about 10A max c

full bridge inverter with mosfet ir2110
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urrent. The output of the inverter will be connected to 18V - 220V step up transformer. My controller will use hysteresis current control method so the switching frequency is not fixed and varied up to 100kHz. and i want to isolate (different ground) between my micro controller and power circuit. How can i use the optocoupler to isolate it is there any optically isolated buffer since i planned to use buffer (micro controller (ATmega 8535, 16MHz -> Buffer IC -> Optocoupler -> IR2110). Based on the specification, is there any component that i should change read before to change the diode to the fast recovery one, and change the resistor value. If you have to isolate your ground, I would recommend you to use isolation transformer instead of optocoupler. In this, you will no longer need to use high-side capable driver ICs, you will instead use a small gate drive transformer, buffered by the totem-poles.

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