games timer 4

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

When the games timer is RESET, two things must happen. The 4017 counter must go back to zero and the 4060 astable/divider must go back to zero. (If we left the 4060 running, it would not be synchronised with the 4017 and erratic times would result. ) The 4017 is rising edge triggered. As a result, LED number 0 goes OFF and LED number 1 goes ON when

games timer 4
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the first rising edge is received from the 4060. As you can see, this occurs when the time elapsed is equal to half the period of the 4060 pulses. Work through this explanation again if you are unsure about why the total timed period is equal to 8. 5 times the period of the 4060 pulses, rather than 10 times the period of these pulses. Resistors are available at low cost in a wide range of values. Usually, any resistor from 1W to 10MW costs the same. The range of capacitor values is more restricted and larger value capacitors cost more. When you select components for a resistor/capacitor combination, it often makes sense to choose the capacitor first and to start by choosing a relatively small value. You need to think clearly to follow through these calculations. What you end up with are resistor and capacitor values which allow the games timer to count through a reasonably accurate timed period of 1 minute. These magic numbers are: Once you have established the RT and CT values you need for a timed period of 1 minute, it is much easier to work out the values you need for the other timed periods, 30 seconds, 2 minutes and 3 minutes: To understand how to use a rotary switch, you need to know a bit more about how switches are described. The diagram below shows four common types of switches: In an SPST, or single pole single throw switch, there is a single input connection, called a pole, and a single output connection, called...

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