garden lighting

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Completely self-supporting garden lamps using solar cells as their energy source are gradually becoming more and more common. How do they actually work We took one apart to ¬nd out. From environmental and technical considerations, buying such a solar-cell garden lamp has a lot to recommend it. It`s a great thing that the energy necessary for t

garden lighting
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he lamp to burn in the evening can be drawn from the sunlight that is available for free during the day. In addition, such a lamp is enormously practical, since you can place it in any desired location in the garden without having to dig a trench through the lawn or ¬‚owerbeds. You are also free to change your mind about the best location for the lamp - something that would have unpleasant consequences with ordinary garden lamps. What makes up a typical solar-cell garden lamp A certain number of elements are in any case necessary for it to function. It`s clear that there must be a light bulb and some solar cells. However, the bulb is naturally not powered directly from the solar cells, so there must be a storage battery and a suitable charging circuit to allow the battery to be charged by the solar cells. In addition, the idea is that the lamp should only burn during the evening and the night, and that needs a twilight switch with a light-sensitive cell. It`s not necessary to do anything to switch off the lamp, since that happens automatically as soon as the battery is fully discharged. Some of the more luxurious models have a small fluorescent tube in place of a normal light bulb, and in this case a small converter is also necessary. However, the model that we examined contained a small 2. 5V/75-mA halogen bulb, and thus did not need a converter. As far as the electronics are concerned, the whole thing can thus remain very...

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