gsm based cell phone controlled remote

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

You can control any electrical gadget from any part of the world through your cell phone, that too without spending a penny for the individual commands. Whether it`s you vehicle, your basement door, your mansion gate or simply the air conditioner of your house, everything can now be switched by just a flick of your cell phone button.

gsm based cell phone controlled remote
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And mindyou, it`s completely fool proof, meaning no false triggering is possible through any other cell phone signals, it works only through the owners cell phone commands. All domestic electrical appliances like, lights, fans, motors, TV sets, refrigerators, Air conditioners, washing machine, porch lights, garage door, house gate, basement gate or entrance, car ignition, car doors, water heater etc. The concept has been already discussed in one of my previous articles How to make a GSM car security system, and the going about is unbelievably simple. The unit discussed here is a universal device and can be used for operating all types of electrical gadgets from any part of the globe, just by making a single blank call to the systems number. The system will faithfully respond to every call made from your cell phone and will alternately switch the connected load ON and OFF as per your instructions. This cell phone acts as a modem and is permanently attached with the internal control circuit of the unit. The modem cell phone is initially made ready by putting a SIM card inside it and by configuring the essential assigned numbers into its phone directory. These assigned numbers are the only numbers to which this modem responds. Therefore you would want to assign only those numbers through which you may like to make a call to the system . For safety reasons more than one number is assigned to the modem so that in case one of...

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