gym agility simple strategy

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This simple circuit is a two-person game of strategy and speed - and potentially, agility and athletic fitness. Each player has a row of four LEDs before him/her. Beside each LED, there is a push-button which, when pressed, lights up the corresponding LED. The aim of the game is for a player to illuminate all four of their LEDs in a row, in which

gym agility simple strategy
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case the circuit declares a winner. However, there is a catch. As soon as you light one of your own LEDs, the other player`s corresponding LED goes out - and vice versa. The game begins by giving each player two illuminated LEDs. Consider now that this game is scaled up and used in a gym. If the LEDs in the circuit are directly replaced with N-channel power MOSFETs, then 12V globes can be illuminated (a MOSFET`s gate is wired in place of a LED`s anode, the source goes to negative, and the load is wired between the drain and positive). If four large push-buttons are mounted on one wall and four on another, this could become a game of agility - if not a physical tussle to keep the other player away from critical push-buttons. Schmitt NAND gate IC1a and IC1b (4093) form a simple bistable latch. When one output (pin 3) goes "high", the other output (pin 4) goes "low" and vice versa. The main advantage of using a bistable latch (as opposed to a flipflop) is that it does not suffer from switch bounce. Four such bistable latches are fed to inputs A-D of IC2. However, for the sake of simplicity, only one of these is shown; ie, IC1a-IC1b. We now need to identify when all four bistable latches go either "high" or "low". This is done using IC2, a 4067 16-channel multiplexer. When inputs A-D are all "low" (binary 0000), this opens decimal channel 0. Conversely, when all are "high" (binary 1111), this opens decimal channel 15. Channels...

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